People always ask us “What is a Halligan?”


The Halligan is used by Firefighters. This tool was designed  by Hugh Halligan, who retired a First Deputy Fire Commissioner in the FDNY. The Halligan is a tool that is used for multiple operations and has been dubbed the universal  key. This tool, comprised of an adz, pick and fork made from a single piece of forged steel, along with an Ax, make up what is known as a Firefighter’s set of Irons. Prior to the invention of the Halligan tool, Firefighters carried what is known as a claw tool and a Kelly Tool along with a striking tool, which was where the term Irons originated. Hugh Halligan took the two tools and combined them into one to enable Firefighters to carry less tools. The first company to get and name a Halligan tool was FDNY Ladder Company 47. (Who coincidentally were first due to Halligan’s home in Parkchester, NY.)


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